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Wellington NSW Central West
Wellington NSW one of 18 regions in the HIGHWAY WEST family of Town sites.
Highway West family of Central West, Central Tablelands & Blue Mountains NSW - Town Sites.
Wellington, Central West NSW
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Wellington Town & Around Web site
Welcome to Geurie in Central NSW - situated between Wellington and Dubbo on the Mitchell Highway.Mitchell Highway, Geurie, Central NSWMitchell Highway, Geurie, Central NSWGeurie, Central NSWPark and rest area, Geurie, Central NSWMemorial Hall 1908, Geurie, Central NSWOld Commercial Bank, Geurie, Central NSWRailway Station, Geurie, Central NSWPost Office, Geurie, Central NSWGeurie's Heritage (1908) - Geurie, Central NSWGeurie Antiques - old store.Geurie from Bald Hill - Geurie, Central NSWAustralian Champion Tree - Fuzzy Box - Eucalyptus Conica - Geurie Central NSW.Australian Champion Tree - Fuzzy Box - Eucalyptus Conica - Geurie Central NSW.
PHOTO GALLERY OF GEURIE: Click any image to view the larger image Gallery Slide Show.
Part of the Wellington Council area, Geurie is a charming small village situated between Wellington (21 km) and Dubbo (29 km) on the Mitchell Highway, Central NSW, Australia.
Geurie is at the foot of Bald Hill which offers some magnificent views of Geurie and the surrounding countryside if you take a stroll to the top.
For mountain bike enthusiasts there are Cross Country Mountain Biking trails on the Bald Hill Reserve – 15 kms of dedicated marked single track through Central West native woodlands.
(Go to the south end of Chambers Street, Geurie)
Central West Off Road Bicycle Club run MTB races at Bald Hill Reserve in Geurie.
Geurie is also home to one of Australia's Champion Trees - A Fuzzy Box - Eucalyptus Conica.  The 300 year old tree stands at 15.5 metres tall, with a circumference of 6.2 metres and a crown of 26 metres.  It is located near the Geurie pool in Wellington Street.
Ponto Falls - Ponto Falls Reserve:
An attractive and great camping spot right on the Macquarie River offering peace and quiet, fishing, boating and ideal for swimming in the warmer months..  There are no designated camping areas but overnight camping is allowed.  Rubbish bins are provided but there are no toilets or shower facilities. 
Situated off the Mitchell Highway between Wellington and Geurie.  From the turn-off Ponto Falls is a further 8 km.
As with many Australian town names, Geurie is derived from the Aboriginal language and as with many other names their are varying explanations of how the name came about.
One belief is that Geurie was named after a local homestead, which in turn was named after a local Aboriginal name for the "White cockatoo.
Another is that Geurie came from the Aboriginal word 'Goori' which translates to 'Fertile Land' or home of the Fat Kangaroo, Wallaby and Emu.
Picnic Areas, Trails and Lookouts with spectacular views of the river junction and the Wellington Valley.   The Mount Arthur Reserve takes in three peaks - Mount Arthur, Wellesly and Duke - covers 1300 ha of bushland creating a sanctuary for a large number of birds, animals and plants.