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Wellington NSW Central West
Gateway to Wellington
8 km south of Wellington, on the Mitchell Highway
Central West NSW
At the turn-off to Wellington Caves on the Mitchell Highway, there is also a visitor information bay with a piece of contemporary sculpture.
The Gateway to Wellington:
The sculpture is a symbolic representation of Wellington and the surrounding district.
The skeletal elements refer to the large numbers of fossils associated with Wellington Caves, the dome suggests the sunset, the windchimes reflect the stalactites of the caves and the pool below them resembles the confluence of the Bell and Macquarie Rivers. The seed-pod shape evokes the valley's fertility and the potential of the district while the 'plants' which emerge from it refer to the area's growth and the particularity of its vegetation.
The wall and totems reflect the Catombal Range behind the sculpture while the mosaic panels within each totem deal with various aspects of Wellington's history and culture.
Both the main structure and the wall are made from the girders of the Wellington Bridge which collapsed in 1989 under the weight of a heavily-laden prime mover.

The Wellington Visitors' Centre can provide further information and brochures.
Located in Cameron Park, Wellington  ph:  1 800 621 614
Gateway to Wellington - Central West NSW
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